DURATOP - PVC Field Repair Coatings

Good Corrosion Resistance for Exterior and Interior Use

As the name implies, DURATOP vinyl solution coatings are manufactured primarily for field repair of Vinyl or other compatible plastic coatings. DURATOP air dry coatings may also be spray or brush applied to factory powder coated parts for color coding or a color change, should it not be practical or economical to change the powder bed, as for very small coatings runs in a special color.

Cut, coated wire ends can be protected by DURATOP - a good cohesive bond is formed by the coating to clean steel or galvanized surfaces. By design, DURATOP solution coatings form a chemical bond to a DURAVIN powder applied coating.

DURATOP coatings offer excellent vapor barrier properties as compared to conventional paints because of their high resin to pigment ratio. They are ultraviolet stabilized for outdoor use, and may be used to recoat weathered or degraded coatings to extend the life of an installed part, or to color match plain metal accessories in filed installation.

The relatively inert properties of DURATOP suggest other uses of this product such as swimming pool coating or other quality industrial finishes.